Tuesday, October 20, 2020

kkcachoo themes

First and foremost, thank you for taking an interest in me & my themes! Everything I've worked on and put out there I've learned on my own, so these themes do mean a lot to me.
My themes can be used for Pandahome, Pandahome2, Openhome, and aHome. To access multiple wallpapers, you must have Crazy Home installed on your phone atleast!
(I am currently in the works on figuring out the coding for Fresh Face & ADW.Launcher. Stay tuned for those!)
My themes are not meant to be launched. Please be sure you have a home replacement app installed on your phone first; such as Pandahome, Pandahome2, Openhome Full, or aHome. Once one of my themes are downloaded from the Android Market, please install them and then go to the settings of your home replacement application to apply the theme. Again, my themes will NOT work without one of the home replacement applications mentioned above installed onto your device.
If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me. I respond to every message received. 
Also, please take the time to rate & comment on my themes if you are happy with them! I would really appreciate it. If you are having issues or any trouble with the themes, please get in contact with me rather than leave a nasty review. Thank you!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 Newest Themes!

Edward Cullen

Jacob Black

True Blood

Juicy Couture Bags

Themes I have published as of now.

 Day of the Dead

 Deathly Hallows

 Juicy Couture

 Autumn Halloween

 Cupcake Couture

 Girly Nautical

 Katy Perry

 Sushi Sushi

 Star Wars

 Severus Snape

 Breakfast Time

 Cute Halloween